How Screen Size Affects Marketing

What’s a phablet you ask? A phablet is a device that is larger than a phone and smaller than a tablet. Typically, it more of??a large phone VS a small tablet. On the heels of?Apple announcing the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus we thought we’d share this infographic on The Rise of the Phablet written by the Carlisle & Gallagher Consulting Group.

Phablet infographic

We can see that since 2011, tablet screens are shrinking as phone screens are growing. One question raised in this infographic is, “Will consumers move to a two-device life?” My prediction is that consumers will move to a one-device life. Instead of a phablet?and laptop as this suggests, I believe the phablet will be the main device. Wearables such as the Apple Watch or perhaps Google Glass will take over notifications that we used phones for. Very soon, phones will be powerful enough to be used as our main device. This was the goal of the Ubuntu Edge.

So how does this all affect marketing? The IAB still approves ad sizes, the apps still want to take as much of your attention as possible, and wearables will be susceptible to promotions just as other devices are. Lets take a closer look:


Apple iPhone 6Larger?devices mean stronger processors, nicer graphics and thus more functional/ capable apps. Designing ads and immersive promotional links will be closer to building standalone apps and full featured experiences. We’ve moved far from the days of Flash ads but the functionality of ads has increased to be full-featured ecommerce experiences. Ads on phones and responsive design is more important?than ever.


The Apple Watch is essentially a second?screen for your iPhone. It is the?monitor and your phone is the computer under your desk (or in your pocket). You can now respond to push notifications from your watch. This is important as iBeacon notifications will tap you when you walk past a product with a coupon, a store with a promotion, or a real-time contest. Apple watch also created a new way to send messages with small drawings such as hearts, and animated emoticons. Imagine being able to?add a store as a contact and communicating with images as an entry to a contest or to request customer service.?Apple watch notifications

We can’t say exactly what will?happen but the world is clearly?moving computing?into pockets and on the body. “Mobile computing”?will become “computing”. “SoMoLo” (social, mobile, local) marketing?will become “marketing”. WiFi will be far more essential. One more thing… I predict the end of ethernet. At home at least. I suspect home internet service will become wifi only and?more probably it will be accessible most everywhere. Please share your thoughts, call me crazy even, I want to hear your thoughts.